Black & Whites Society

The Black & Whites Society is for members of THBC who rowed for four terms or more. The Society also holds dinners in College.

To ensure you are on the mailing lists contact the Black and Whites secretary.


THBC are always keen for alumni to help coach the current crews. If you are interested in coaching, pleae get in touch with the captain.

Fairbairn Cup Invitational - December 2015

Hello fellow Black and Whites and all THBC alumni,

The recent successful boat house opening is an illustration of the support the club enjoys from its alumni. We want to bring this support on the water by launching an Alumni VIII or more racing as the Black and White Boat Club for ‘The Fairnbairn Cup’ on Friday December 4th, 2015.

At this stage, we want to gather preliminary interest from you before entries open and all Christmas parties are booked in.

For your information, the course length is 4300m from Jesus Flagpole to the Little Bridge on the Cam. For timings, The Men’s Senior Division traditionally starts first in the morning at around 10am with the Women’s Senior division to start at 12pm. The invitational crews are either mixed with Senior Divisions or start after the VIII divisions, but before the Senior IVs at around 2pm. We will try and get a short outing in the morning before the race.

Time to train as a crew will be limited and we would like to be put on a good show so we were aiming for individual steady state 5k times around 20min for Men and 22min 30sec for Women. Please register interest regardless and if there are sufficient numbers, we will enter boats.

Michaelmas Boat Club Dinner is on the Saturday night and anybody who wants to stay is welcome. As a team we plan to have a little THBC celebration of our own on the Friday anyway.

If you are not in shape right now, you have a nice window to train and indulge all the more guilt free in the festive season.

Please respond to by Friday, October 16th, with the following details:


Interested in rowing: yes/no

Interested in Friday night celebration: yes/no

Preferred Seat: stroke-side/bow-side/cox

Fitness level below threshold: yes/no

We look forward to hearing from you,

Tom Robins (TH 2001) and Nils Gravenhorst (TH 2010)

Thank you!