Black and White Ties

Dear Black and Whites,

Orders are now open for Black and White Society ties and bow ties. We need a minimum order of 25 and the deadline is Friday 28th April. You can purchase one if you have rowed/coxed for 4 or more terms.

Pre-order from Ryder & Amies here.

I am working on an alternative that the B&W women might prefer - I will be in contact!

M1 rowing over in the Mays 2016
W1 after a bump in the Lents 2016.
M2 with greenery in the Mays 2016.
W2 about to bump Christs in the Mays 2016
A successful Lents Boat Club Dinner.
The first crews' training week in Staffordshire.
Dinner at Leander Club during a training weekend in Henley.

Word from the Captain

THBC has had a very successful Lent term. Our training camp in Seville set us up for a solid term of training and reflects well in the Lent bumps results. Particular congratulations to M2 who won their blades by overbumping on Peterhouse! M1 went up 2 in the first division by bumping Kings and Churchill and W1 went up 1 by bumping Peterhouse to get back into the first division! We look forward to May term with all the sunshine it brings and of course the May Bumps. Thank you very much to all the alumni and coaches who have supported us this term, we coudln't have done any of it without you!

Tom James - THBC Captain 2016/17