Past THBC Committees

Below is the THBC committee hall of fame. If you were on the THBC committee and aren't listed below, please let us know!


Overall & Women's Captain Alix Harrow and Irina Ferapontova
Men's Captain Jake Stuchbury-Wass
Vice Captain Charlotte To
Junior Treasurer Galen Brown
Women's Lower Boats Captain Nina Haket
Men's Lower Boats Captain Matt Allen and Matthew Bagley


Overall & Women's Captain Hannah Karet
Men's Captains Charles Parker and Jamie Ellis
Secretary Rob Sing
Junior Treasurer Shreya Kulkani
Social Secretary Emma Hobkinson


Captain Sam Hardy
Women's Captain Sarah Weaver
Vice Captain Dan Threlfall
Secretary Alice Archer
Junior Treasurer Harry Maxwell
Social Secretary Laura Brightman
Men's LBC Dan MacSwiney
Men's LBC James Eyton
Women's LBC Becky Lantaff
Women's LBC Alisha Gergett
Women's LBC Sia Togia
Webmaster Peter E Conn


Overall Captain Michael Carson
Women's Captain Alice Archer
Vice Captain Feng Rao
Secretary Rob Waddingham
Junior Treasurer Charlotte Hill
Social Secretary Sophie Machin
Men's LBC Sam Hardy
Men's LBC Peter Conn
Women's LBC Sarah Weaver
Women's LBC Rebecca Pound
Webmaster Phil Ewels


Overall Captain Bronagh Murphy
Men's Captain Ben Goodwill
Vice Captain Rachel Linn
Secretary Ian Houlsby
Junior Treasurer Steph Ward
Social Secretary Fiona Brand
Men's LBC Josh Armstrong
Women's LBC Harry Maxwell
Webmaster Phil Ewels


Overall Captain Phil Ewels
Women's Captain Sophie Machin
Vice Captain James Horscroft
Secretary Phil Maltas
Junior Treasurer Bronagh Murphy
Social Secretaries James Stephenson and Isabel Melhuish
Men's LBC Ben Goodwill
Women's LBC Rebecca Pound


Overall Captain Ian Watkins
Women's Captain Lucy Masters
Vice Captain Phil Maltas
Secretary Isabel Fenton
Junior Treasurer Iain Rist
Social Secretary Isabel Melhuish
Men's LBC Rob Thornton
Women's LBC Isobel Daley


Overall Captains Fergal McCool / Janet Scott
Women's / Men's Captains Janet Scott / Phil Maltas
Vice Captain Dave Lock
Secretary Abigail Martyn
Junior Treasurer Catherine Overy
Men's LBC Iain Rist
Women's LBC Stef Jacquot


Overall Captain Liv Thorne
Men's Captain Tom Clarke
LBC Johnny Tang