Race Results

Men's Second VIII

Round 1 - lost to Pembroke M2 by 3 lengths

Some crews would be intimidated by having to race a crew over a division higher than them in bumps, but M2 rowed down to the race calmly and confidently.

Off the start, M2 were matching Pembroke stroke for stroke. The crew kept their heads in the boat and 1 minute in the race was shaping up to be a classic.

Unfortunately, that's when things went wrong. A gate came undone and the blade came out. By the time it was put back Pembroke had pulled ahead, and though M2 continued to push they were never going to close the gap on a crew with which they were clearly evenly matched.

It's better accidents happen now than in bumps, and I doubt the crews will forget to check plates and gates before bumps!

With a fast start and the ability to keep their heads under pressure, the crew is in a good position for bumps. It's important to look forward to that and focus on a promising future for the crew.

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