Race Results

Men's Second VIII

M2 Get On

M2's row down to the start was the best row they have had all term.
Arriving in plenty of time, they stayed loose and relaxed while they
waited for the start.

The start was really strong, rating high and striding down to a good
rhythm. Down First Post Reach and round the corners they recorded 'crew
best' split times.

In front of the Plough, equipment-related disaster once again struck the
crew. One of the footplates snapped off. This had the immediate
consequence of causing a crab and the long term result of reducing the
crew, effectively, to 7 rowers for the second half of the race.

However, the crew picked the boat back up and executed their race plan
for the remaining part of the race. In a truly heroic effort, they were
still able to get on.

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