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Men's First VIII

Lent Bumps First VIII - Wednesday

The row up to our first day of bumps was mixed; people were feeling excited and a little nervy in equal measure, particularly as the crew had a few oarsmen without Bumps experience. Nevertheless we settled into our warmup, had some practice starts than improved each time, and reached marshalling confident in our ability to hold our own.

When the gun went off, we had an excellent start and took almost a full length on Emmanuel M1 in front of us. The stride and steady state however failed to fully materialise and at the end of our first wind we fell off, partly prompted by the boats behind us Bumping out and the psychological incentive of being chased being removed. Our reset and second wind from Ditton Corner was much better but by that point Emmanuel had pulled away and we had to settle for a row-over.

A little less of the unknown and a little more self-control is what we're looking for tomorrow, and I am confident that we can push through and do ourselves justice for the rest of the week. Row Hall!

Women's First VIII

Day 1: Rowed over at the head of the W2 division

W1 has inherited a difficult bumps position, at the head of the second division. While we were prepared to be sandwich boat, our first challenge was to row over. Having already raced the distance and having rowed the course many times in preparation, we knew that we were capable of this. However, our first start was pretty shaky, as we let nerves get the better of us. Though Selwyn appeared to close the distance, we didn't panic. We soon recovered our composure - striding to a good rhythm - and had started to push off the chasing crew as we came round Grassy. We continued to push away, finishing with five or so boat lengths by the P&E.

Following refuelling at Chesterton, we had a strong row back down to the start of the W1 division. Our second start was much calmer and more controlled. Despite gaining on Girton, they bumped King's before First Post Corner, leaving us to row over for the second time.
Overall, a strong start to bumps for W1 - Row Hall!

Women's First VIII

Day 2: Row over and BUMP up into the first division

At the top of the division for a second time, we first needed to row over again. We needn't have worried: the Selwyn cox forgot his life jacket and so Selwyn was disqualified from racing, with Magdalene being awarded a technical bump. Despite a slightly panicked build up to the start - spinning as the four minute cannon went off, a frantic search for Martin, instructions from the umpire regarding Selwyn and an unattached hatch cover being thrown out of the boat with five seconds to go - we soon got into a solid rhythm, powering away from the carnage at the start. Despite numerous calls from the bank to wind it down, we held a high rate until the railway bridge, where we finally accepted that there was absolutely no chance that Homerton was going to catch us! We rowed the final stretch at a calm rate 22.

As we marshalled again, Alice rewarded us with matching zebra gloves.
The second race wasn't our cleanest row, but it was still strong and more importantly, it got the job done - the whistles started just before the motorway bridge and we bumped King's at First Post Corner.
W1 are back in the first division! Well done ladies!

Women's First VIII

Day 4: Row over twice

Following the injustice of Friday, W1 was determined to end our bumps campaign on a high. Despite the wind and current, we started with a strong row-over ahead of King's (who gave a good chase as they were on for spoons). We then faced Magdalene (on for blades) in the first division. While we gained significantly on Magdalene, coming within a length, we were unable to catch them before bottom finish. It was our seventh race in four days and we rowed more on Saturday than Magdalene did all week! I am assured that W1 will be coming for them with a vengeance next year! Overall, though W1 remains at the head of the second division, we are thrilled with an impressive week of rowing.

Day 3: Sometimes life is just not fair

W1 'bumped' by Magdalene.

Sometimes life is just not fair.

To say that today was heartbreaking would be an enormous understatement. As we came off the start W1 put the power down and steadily gained on Girton, leaving Magdalene as a speck in the distance. The whistles came as we ploughed down First Post Reach, and we continued closing in until we had overlap at the Gut. Then disaster struck: as we came round First Post Corner, Girton's boat had blocked Shreya's vision, preventing her from seeing Newnham tucked on the inside of Grassy. Our bow crashed into the stationary boat, with Zosia (2) very nearly decapitating the Newnham cox. In the interests of safety - which has been stressed by CUCBC to the extent of dropping divisions this term - we held it up, whilst in front of us another crash had meant that the rest of the division had also stopped, including Girton. Magdalene were still four or so boat lengths behind us, and held water. They then paddled past us whilst we were ensuring that the Newnham cox and stroke, and Zosia (2) were uninjured, and as we could see that Girton was stationary in front of us, we did not continue rowing. On the senior umpire's decision, Magdalene were awarded a bump, while the rest of the division re-rowed, leaving us to drop back to the head of the second division tomorrow.

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall" - Confucius
W1 will come out fighting, with every single fibre of their beings. Watch out Magdalene, we are coming for you.

(It is highly likely that Trinity Hall will be fined for foul and abusive language towards the Senior Umpire. Soz.)


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