Race Results

Mens' First VIII

May Bumps First VIII - 1st Day

After an encouraging row up in sunny weather with plenty of support, we marshalled early and had a long wait for the cannons. When we set off it was at a good pace and closed on the boat ahead, before settling to a very sustainable rate.

The result was a cautiously encouraging row over - the boat ahead looked catchable if we'd been more race canny and pushed harder for the bump off the start, and the boat behind was kept at starting distance easily for the entire course.

With a bit more focus and an eye on pushing ourselves as hard as we felt we could have today, there should be a bump in the future, as the SEC crew we were following themselves bumped up. Row Hall!

May Bumps First VIII - 2nd Day

M1 rowed down strong after a good row over chasing St Edmunds on the first day. As the canon went we settled into a good rhythm, determined to catch Homerton. We began closing distance off the start and continued to make ground through the corners. A strong push out of grassy closed the gap to half a length and it was down to just over a quarter by Ditton corner. As we came onto the reach there was overlap and our efforts were rewarded with the thud of a bump just past the railings. The bump was the first by a THBC mens first VIII since 2011 and spirits were high. Friday brings another chance to chase St Edmunds and hopefully another chance for greenery.

Mens' Second VIII

May Bumps Second VIII - 1st Day

M2 rowed some of our best rowing on the way up to bumps and were in high spirits as we prepared to race. Unfortunately nerves got the better of us outside the Plough for our practice start, causing one of the rowers to catch a crab.
We recovered ourselves well and continued to row up to the start post.
Our start was strong, but unfortunately the Churchill M2 crew behind us were very fast indeed and closed us down. A call of 'Broken Arrow' from the bank spurred us on to a sudden surge of power which gained us distance from the bright pink predator behind and we clung on to hope that we might continues to pull away. A short distance down the course Robinson M2 bumped out in front of us and failed to clear well which forced us to take a very wide line around First Post Corner and sadly we were caught by Winston's men.

May Bumps Second VIII - 2nd Day

A solid performance from M2 today. We entered the day knowing that the boat in front was very fast and would likely catch FaT 3 in front of them extremely quickly.
We were confident that we could escape death by Queens' and so knew that a row over was to be expected. Our practice start outside the Plough was a rip roaring success, hitting a good rhythm with lots of pressure at rate 38 after the stride. The sun was out, we were rowing well and everyone was having a good time, expecting to do better than yesterday. After all, we had done it all before now and knew what to expect.
We rocked up to our start post in good time and so had time to mentally prepare for the race. The race start was infinitely better than yesterday and we immediately pulled away from the Gremlins in Green (Queens). As expected Churchill bumped out very swiftly and we knew we were in for the long haul. That didn't daunt us though, we've done it before many times.
We hit first post corner at speed and all was going well. A missed stroke from stroke upset things a little and Queens' clawed back half a length on us. Things were looking bleak but we kept our heads and just pushed harder. Enthusiastic cries of 'Row Hall' around grassy from the fans propelled us on. The crews behind Queens had bumped out; this was one on one.
Past the plough it was neck and neck, but as we turned into the wind on the Long Reach Queens' caved. They fared poorly in the wind, but the Black and White army just fought harder. We pulled further and further away to finish 4 or 5 lengths ahead. Row Hall!

May Bumps Second VIII - 3rd Day

Stirling job from M2 today. We pushed off from Latham Boat House in high spirits, anticipating a good day of racing.
Our start was quick and M2 pulled away from our old friends Queens' behind us. Soon after the stride we received our first whistle from the bank. The race was on!
We closed in on the other Trinity and the water got choppy as we rowed through their puddles. 2 whistles, then 3 and we had overlap. Overlap was maintained all the way to first post corner before a great FaT thud finished them off. The real Trinity had won, M2 bumped up!

May Bumps Second VIII - 4th Day

Off the start M2 achieved a good rhythm, focusing on long, sustainable rowing. Ahead of them, Selwyn M2 blasted off the start at a rate of knots. By First Post Corner, Selwyn had opened up a 3 length gap. However, the more sustainable nature of M2's rowing began to tell, as the crew closed the gap rapidly through the Gut. An excellent line around Grassy Corner closed the gap down to 1 length and gave M2 their first whistle. A power 10 out of the corner picked the boat up nicely, and by the Plough the gap had closed to a canvas. Continuous whistles soon followed and the bump was made on Ditton Corner.

In this race M2 rowed very well, keeping their heads and proving that a strong crew rhythm is often the key to success.

Womens' First VIII

W1 Wednesday

A very strong Jesus W2 were quick off the start and we were unable to hold them off for as long as we would have liked.

Womens' Second VIII

W2 Wednesday

W2 rowed over, but it couldn't have been a more exciting race! Up until the last minute it was unclear whether we would bump, row over or be bumped. Unfortunately we didn't quite make contact with Caius in time, but we'll get them in the next race!

W2 Thursday

W2 got off to a bad start today, giving Murray Edwards a chance to close the gap between us right from the start. Once we'd recovered from our start, we made a fierce attempt to pull ahead again, but Murray Edwards caught up with us just before First Post corner, earning a well-deserved bump. Many thanks to our cox Catriona for keeping up our spirits on the row home - we're now ready for a fresh start tomorrow.

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