Race Results

An 8x500m relay race in Queens' Fitzpatrick Hall - on ergs. Each crew has one erg, eight rowers with 500m to row apiece, and 20s to change over rowers. Fastest 10 men's and women's crews go through to the final.

Men's First Novice VIII

7th overall in the heats, (10th overall in the final*)

The first race went down well, with everyone getting into the spirit of Queens ergs and going well. Whilst others arround them burned out every crew member picked a split they were comfortable with and held it well. In the first heat they came 4th and were ranked 7th to go into the final.
*The final saw the crew up against the best and they all went off in the same controlled way. Unfortunately a technical error meant the erg thought that Alp's time was over 2 mins, when they tried to adjust this they came out with a figure of a 1.40, odd for someone who had held it at at arround 1.30-1.32! Unfortunately this put us mysteriously behind crews that then finnished after us.
All things taken into account though, a massivly good display of power from a crew which are rowing together on the water, bring on Emma sprints and Clare novices!!!

Mens' Second Novice VIII

11th in M2 division

As the first "race" for the NM2 crew it was a slightly tense one but despite the nerves everyone performed exceptionally well with some best times for half the crew.

On entering the hall it was evident that NM2 was certainly not the largest crew present, but this was mostly irrelevant. A combination of disciplined and controlled rowing (not belting it off the start like many crews) combined with a set race plan served NM2 well and brought them in at a resepectable 11th out of 31 crews. However a tribute needs to be made to the abosulte guts that all crew members showed, with Joe Harris especially really pushing for his 500m best time to bring the whole crew home ahead of St Cats M2 (website has their times wrong).

With the ergs out of the way the whole crew is certainly looking forward to beating these bigger boats with their better technique on the water.

Women's Novice VIII

6th overall

The girls arrived at Queens Ergs full of nervous energy and very, very keen! Kitted out in classic black and white stripey leg warmers, the girls began their journey to erging victory! With formation dynamic stretching and some terrifyingly coordinated sumos, the girls got warmed up and headed into Queen Ergs. Our division only contained two other first VIIIs, so it was a race between us, FaT W1 and Fitz W1. With the music blaring out and tension running high, we heard the call, 'come forward, attention, GO!!!'

First up was Tonje with the hardest job of starting with a dead flywheel. But this did not deter our stroke girl and after just 3 strokes her split was already down and holding steady. As she pushed through the first 500m the girls were cheering loudly and we were soon switching over to Emily for the next piece! These girls don't need rest time, Emily got straight on with it, starting out with a fantastic split and pushing all the way. We think Fitz may have been ahead here but we didn't care and the girls ploughed on through. Erika took the seat next, beasting through the first 100m with a split in the 1:40's. She held steady and we started to gain ground. Charlotte, who was dangerously hyped up on jelly, dived in straight away, pulling out her lowest split time so far and continued to take us up and ahead of Fitz and FaT. At this point, I remembered the scoreboard behind me and with a quick glance saw our girls steaming ahead of FaT. With Renie about the take the next 500m, I knew were on to destroy the other W1 boats in our race. Renie didn't waste time, split down, rate high, she sped through. Despite Renie leaving her shoes in the erg straps, we managed to get Anna on quickly and away she went, three strokes in rest time and counter started at a split down in the 1:40's. We were powering ahead of FaT by this point and with only Katie and Harry left to erg, the atmosphere in the room was electric with cheers of ROW HALL! Katie jumped onto the erg as soon as she could and pulled a split almost 5 seconds below anything she's done before. Better yet, she gave everything she had and held us steadily ahead FaT. Our last 500m was to be taken by Harry. This was it, this was the final stretch, all or nothing and our girl did not disappoint. Harry got stuck in straight away, her split started at an amazing 1:33, leaving the umpires astounded. FaT didn't stand a chance and we finished with a winning average split of 1:54.05, a whole 0.9s faster on average than the closest crew.

Elated, the girls headed back to J2 to refuel before heading down to the final. We were already in the top 10! As the race started, Rebecca and I began cheering again with what little voice we had left and stood amazed that our girls were going to deliver a stunning performance yet again. Every girl gave it their all, even pushing their split times 3 seconds lower in the final stretch which is no easy task! As we came up to the final 100m of the last leg, the room reached fever pitch. Everyone was cheering Harry to push away those last few metres! As she crossed the finish line, cheers went through the hall. It was over. Two races, very tired legs, no voices left, we stood waiting for the results.

We came in at 6th place, only 0.5 sec behind 2nd place! With such close times and bags of keenness from our girls, we are proud to say that Tit Hall Novice W1 is one of the 6 most powerful novice crews on the river. Watch this space!!!

Oh and did I mention Harry pulled the second fastest individual split out of every girl there? She did it in 1:45.3 seconds. Be afraid, very afraid!

So, so proud girls, well done!!!

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