Race Results

A 2,500 metres timed head race from the A14 by-pass to the former Penny Ferry pub, run by Cantabrigian Rowing Club. You can find the race results here...

Ladies First VIII

2nd in Women's Student Novice VIIIs

The girls pushed off the hard with a somewhat shaky confidence, but had a good warm up to the start. Without too much waiting around they set off with a great build and within a few strokes were hot on the heels of Pembroke College (Cambridge). It was soon clear that our girls were going to have to overtake and Viv coxed a fantastic line through first post and grassy to let them get up close. As they came onto Plough Reach they went for the overtake and were forced to go around the outside of ditton. With my heart in my mouth, Viv managed it at full racing speed and as the girls came onto the reach they left clear water in front of Pembroke. On they pushed and with an excellent rally and build under the railway bridge came home with an excellent time.
2nd in Women's Student Novice VIIIs and 10th Cambridge college out of 35 total Women's Student VIIIs.

Men's 1st VIII+

5th in Men's Senior College VIIIs

After an awful lot of marshalling for a very long time, the THBC Men's First VIII got off to a good start - winding to around 34 we settled into a long and relaxed 32 which we held until the finish. Before we knew it, Zoe was telling us about the crew ahead which was 4 lengths away. Then three. Soon we could see their puddles coming by and we pushed through Merton College BC (Oxford) as we went down the reach. As we came under the railway bridge legs were getting sore but we kept our heads up and powered to the finish line.
The final results show that we were 5th in Men's Senior College VIIIs, and 10th in the entire event. Beaten only by Queens, Downing and First and Third this was a great row by the boys! Good reason to give us some confidence to go into Fairbairns with.

Men's 2nd IV+

10th in Men's Student Novice IV+

M2 started off the race after a long period of uncomfortable waiting with a surprisingly well defined stroke and co-ordinated rhythm. In what was definitely our best show of commitment and fitness so far this term, we kept a relentless pressure through every single stroke, and very soon were catching the Fitz boat ahead. After almost clipping Ditton corner we came into a windy reach and maintained a relaxed and powerful stroke. Down the reach we steadily reeled in Fitzwilliam and were a canvas-length off them by the railway bridge. They faltered and we took the power up. Coming up to the finish line M2 took both the rate and the pressure higher, powering straight past Fitz to cross the line.
Without question the best performance so far, even better for a boat to push off, and real evidence of the hard work all have put in over the last few weeks.

Single Scull (Thornton)

10th overall in 1000m sculls

A good start and getting into a rhythm was good down the reach but 100 yards from the railway bridge there were a few gusts of wind stopped me dead and a big one nearly flipped my strokeside blade over. Getting back into a good length was difficult, and it became heavy going.
Finnished 10th overall in 4.19, not bad but personally dissapointing. That gust just didn't want me to get any higher in the table.

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