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The Fairbairn Cup is a head race organised by Jesus College Boat Club with divisions for both novice and senior crews. Senior VIIIs row from Jesus Boat Club to the Little Bridge (4300m), Novice VIIIs row from Jesus BC to the Railings (2700m) and Senior IVs row to the Red Grind Post (3400m)

Ladies First VIII

Ladies First VIII

23rd in 17:32.20

Men's 1st VIII+

Men's 1st VIII+

13th in 14:22.82, 7th fastest Cambridge College

A really satisfying row, solid from the start and keeping up a good pace right through the race. Technique was solid and the determination was certainly there, with some very pained faces at the end of the race!

Men's 2nd IV+

27th in 12:41.75

Some rather cold marshalling delays meant that M2 weren't ideally prepared. Once on the start though, the concentration and determination were all there, and lead to a very tidy and powerful first few strokes over the timing line. On the 'wind' the power was a bit patchy and it was hard to bring the rate up in the water all-together, meaning that for the first part of the race we were slightly under-rating.
This didn't stop us catching the extremely slow Sidney Sussex boat ahead. They had been given two minutes head start but by Chesterton we were right on their tail. By this point we had warmed up mentally and physically, the rate having crept up to our race target. With a couple of power-tens M2 overlapped and then stormed past Sidney as they relinquished the racing line.
Powering under the railway bridge, around the curve onto the long reach, we took the rate up for the sprint finish. Approaching Ditton corner we took the rate "up 2" once more, storming onto the final straight. Past the 'Plough' a power ten for the last strokes of the race took us over the line, in an optimal state of total exhaustion.

Although there were problems with a low rate at the start of the race, in all a good race and brilliant effort that all can feel proud of.

Men's First Novice VIII

25th in 10:47.80

An unhurried, powerful few strokes enabled NM1 to spring off the start, past the timing line, with a good power-ten taking the boat speed up.
Settling for a long and strong (if slightly low-rating) rhythm meant that they consistently and relentlessly caught up with the opposition ahead through the narrow corners. They pushed off us at Chesterton, but in response NM1 sat up and built up the power for the final half of the course, keeping on them all the way.
With power on every stroke, with no major mistakes, and the brilliant timing that has become characteristic of this boat, they had a small edge on every single stroke. Past the Pike and Eel, onto the Reach, they got closer and closer, powering over the finish with only a canvas off the boat ahead, and no sign of the one behind.

An experience that will have given the crew a taste of the attitude needed to win races. Hopefully something that will be useful in Lent Bumps next term..

Mens' Second Novice VIII

27th in 10:49.24- 6th NM2 boat

After a long time faffing around marshalling and with a few star jumps to a) intimidate other crews and b) to keep warm- NM2 paddled up to the start. They performed a standing start from 3/4 slide and crossed the line at a rate 32 before settling to a 30. They quickly overtook the Darwin boat in fron who crashed at the first corner but despite this initial success NM2 kept their discipline, kept their length and the slow slide. A push for 10 underneath the Green Dragon footbridge kept NM2 ahead of the powerful Darwin crew. Although the rate did drop down to a 28 occassionally, encouragement from the cox, Steph, pushed it back to a 30. Some final pushes down the reach closed the gap on the LMBC NM4 in front to a mere 2 lengths.

All in all this was some of the best rowing NM2 have produced and some excellent lines from Steph produced a good result that they can all be proud of. Well done guys(and girl!) and I hope to see you next term!

Women's Novice VIII

12th in 11:56.09

An excellent race, totally due to the "Bavarian Beast" at 7. Definitely. More details may be on the way...

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