Race Results

A 5km timed race organised by Peterborough City Rowing Club. A very straight course through featureless fenland, but perfect for setting up a solid racing rhythm. It was certainly a welcome change from the quaint but twisty Cam. It was a perfect winter day - cold, foggy and grey. The THBC spirit was not dampened, however, and our spirits were high as we rigged our boats and pushed off to prepare for domination.

Ladies 1st VIII

Winners of the W.Nov 8+ category

Preparations were going well until we had numerous injuries in the week building up to the race. With a novice cox and two subs we had a bit of a shaky start as we built to race pressure but settled into a solid rhythm. Starting off as the last crew in the competition we were confident that we were not going to be overtaken, but we were not prepared for our blistering overtakes. By the time we reached the finish line we had overtaken two crews. We were exhausted but pleased with our row. When we got home that evening we were astounded that we not only beat Jesus W1 by 9 seconds, but we won our category! This win is just the confidence boost we need to go out sink our teeth into bumps training.

Men's 1st VIII

5th in the IM3 8+ category

Despite waiting for what seemed like forever in freezing cold fog, M1 hammered off the start line at a solid 34 in what felt like our best rowing yet at high rate. We quickly settled into a relaxed 32 and started eating into the 4 lengths that separated us from Magdalene. As we neared half way, we got tangled in a group of 5 boats all trying to pass each other at the same time, which resulted in some serious blade clashing, forcing us to stop. Once we were off again we kept our heads up and had a great row alongside Abingdon whilst bouncing around in wash from Magdalene.
The results placed us 5th in our category at 20th in the event. We were beaten by the LMBC 1st boat, but came in ahead of Magdelene, Clare, Fitzwilliam and Wolfson. Unfortunately, Jesus, who we are chasing in the Lent Bumps scratched from the race.

Archived Results