Race Results

The Pembroke Regatta is run each Lent term, over a 1100m course running from the stump at the bottom of the Long Reach to Peter’s Post.

Ladies 1st VIII

Lost to Christ's by 2 lengths

With two subs at the last minute, the girls had a good start. Unfortunately an exceptionally well drilled and strong Christ's managed to get ahead from the start of the race, and held the advantage to the finish line. Christ's went on to beat Homerton and Pembroke Alumni to get to the final where they were beaten by Trinity First and Third.

Men's 1st VIII

Beat St. Edmund's by 3 Lengths

Determined not to make the same mistakes as our first race, we set down a controlled and powerful start, immediately moving ahead of St. Edmund's. We held our lead down the reach, and were challenged by a strong push from Eddie's underneath the railway bridge. Pushed on by this, we drove home to win with two lengths of clear water.

Beat St. Catharine's by 3/4 Length

After a panicked start, Trinity Hall M1 hit race rhythm half a length down on St. Catharine's. We held our heads high and settled into our stride with patience and drive, and slowly started to eat into that advantage. By the railway bridge we were level, and we kept pushing on until the finish line, winning by around 3/4 of a length.

Lost to Caius by 3/4 Length

After instruction from the marshal, we pulled into the bank immediately after our race with St. Edmund's and proceeded to wait in the snow and rain for close to 2 hours wearing only wet racing kit and one space blanket. Despite huddling like penguins to fight off hypothermia, we kept our spirits high and finally rowed up to the start keen for a good race.
With a good start we held Caius well down the reach, at which point they started to take seats. We rallied under the railway bridge and put in a good push, but unfortunately not enough to take the lead.

Men's 2nd VIII

Lost to St. Catherine's

Despite needing two race subs (stroke and 6) M2 put in some good rowing upto the start of the race, including a decent practice start. Following fairly extensive marshalling (which included rain, sleet, hail and snow) they lined up on the tow-path side of the river next to St. Catharine's college. Although the race start was hampered by a very quiet umpire (such that the command "GO" was barely audible) M2 quickly settled into a steady race piece, sitting 1/2 a length down on St Catherine's. For the first half of the race some solid power 10 calls saw M2 begin to make up the ground on St Catherine's but a loss of confidence prevented the crew from capitalising on the push. M2 rowed over hot on the heels of St. Catherine's but never able to make up the distance lost on the start.

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