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The Lent Bumps are split into seven divisions (four for men, three for women) of 17 boats. The top boat of each division (apart from the top division) races at the bottom of the next division, and so a continuous chart can be drawn mapping the progress of all crews. Since the races are run during term time, the races are run over five days with each division taking one day off to allow all the races to run.

Ladies 1st VIII

Ladies 1st VIII

Day 3 - Bumped King's

After bumping Churchill yesterday, we knew it would be possible to get King's. It was a case of rowing really well, holding of Churchill and getting it done quickly. The wind was raging (Met Office said gusts of 48mph!) and although our start was good, we didn't pull away from Churchill as quickly as we hoped. We were a length away from King's as we scratched our way down first post reach. Immy called a mental re-start in the gut to help us get our second wind, then down plough reach a cheeky up-2 got us to within half a length and then Immy's really tight line round Ditton ensured an easy bump as we entered the Reach.

Ladies 1st VIII

Day 4 - bumped LMBC

Going into Saturday, we knew we would have our work cut out for us chasing Maggie W1. Our bump on Friday against King's had been hard fought, and when we'd sparred with Maggie during the previous week of training they'd caught us over what was an admittedly poor piece for us. That said, we were determined to give it everything we had left on the final day and see what we could achieve. After some strong paddling up to the start and two storming practice starts, our confidence was building and you could feel the energy from everyone -- and particularly Martin and Lance (the LMBC's boatman)'s friendly rivalry -- as we marshalled on station. We got another strong, solid start and quickly began hearing calls from our bank party that we were going up. We drew to within a length of Maggie going into first post corner, at which time Immy called for a mental restart. The next 10 strokes had absolute commitment and the distance between us closed quickly. Coming into Grassy, we began to hear continuous whistles from our bank party and just kept pushing when we hit the rough water. We bumped on Grassy corner in front of a large crowd, which just made everything feel that much sweeter. It was an absolutely fantastic, determined row, and we were all very proud of what we've achieved this week -- up 3, and roll on Mays!

Day 1 - Rowed Over

We got to within half a length of Churchill by first post, but the rough water became distracting and the boat speed suffered. Selwyn were bumped by Newnham behind us leaving little to push off and Churchill moved away. Not our most technical row, something we can put right tomorrow!

Ladies 1st VIII

Day 2 - Bumped Churchill

After a really bad row yesterday and absolute determination to row well, we decided not to let Churchill get away again. We were being chased by Newnham, who we needed to be wary of. As it happened, we rowed well, settled into a nice rhythm, and when the whistles came we just dug deep and got it all over with just after the road bridge. Nice work, girls!

Men's 1st VIII

Day 2 - Bumped by Caius

With our ears ringing we left our station under the bridge a little more composed than yesterday, but struggled to settle into a solid stride. As we came to first post corner Zoe had to take us wide to avoid Jesus who had got an early bump on Clare and failed to clear. After this double blow we had a re-focus and hit a good rhythm down the plough reach. As we came onto the reach the legs started to burn and with the pain of yesterday fresh in everyone's minds the concentration and power started to drop. Caius put in some big pushes and bumped us about halfway down the long reach.

Day 3 - Bumped by Queens'

We went into Friday's race knowing that we sat in what was probably the toughest starting position of the men's division. We were chasing Caius, who were in turn chasing Clare. Clare had been bumped on First Post Corner every day so far and showed no signs of doing anything different today. Chasing us was Queens', who had overbumped on day 1 and then bumped again on day 2 and at every opportunity so far this year have shown themselves to be exceptionally quick.
Whatever happened, we knew it would happen by First Post Corner. So, we planned to race to First Post Corner.
We went off the start and hit an aggressive 42, then settled to 40. We held this to First Post corner, gaining on Caius and holding Queens', at which point Caius bumped Clare. This forced us to bring in some hard steering which knocked our balance and as we came onto the straight out of First Post corner Queens' were suddenly upon us. Despite calls of "Bumps 10!" from the six seat, another 10 strokes and we had succumbed to the unstoppable Queens' crew.
A fun days racing, even if we did get bumped.

Day 4 - Rowed Over

With the exceptionally fast Queens' in front, chasing the exceptionally slow Clare, we knew that getting a bump on the final day was unlikely. As such, our race plan was simply to row over ahead of King's.
The race started in what felt like a film set - rowing through the cannon smoke off the start we were pelted with hail in an orangey glow as thunder rolled above us. We didn't let this distract us from our task however, and settled into a comfortable and controlled rhythm. King's put in several pushes against us, all of which we responded to comfortably and we finished the course tired but happy. Overall a mature and controlled race, which showed the composure and growing experience of the crew.

Day 1 - Rowed Over

After mediocre start under the bridge, with our ears ringing from the cannon shot, we started pushing Jesus and moving away from Caius. One whistle became two and we went into Grassy corner moving fast. However, the push out of grassy did not come as it should and Jesus saw their chance. By the time we got to the reach, the power and rating started to drop and we were left to row the entire course whilst watching Caius slowly eat up the distance we had put between the boats.
Thankfully we held onto our lead and are keen to go out tomorrow and convert our advantage on Jesus into a bump!

Men's 2nd VIII

Day 4 - Bumped by Fitzwilliam II

The last day was our chance to row over and avoid spoons. Our plan was to go all out, winding the rate a few pips higher on the wind, powering through a bit more on the stride, leaving nothing - since we had nothing to lose.

Our start was as blistering as normal and we started to take some distance off what had, only the day before, seemed a seemingly unstoppable Clare II. But in the background Fitzwilliam kept making steady progress on us. By first post corner we had maintained our push towards Clare, but Fitz still kept coming, and after the pair ahead bumped out we were in for a difficult row over at best.
The pace we had set off the start was taking it's toll as we approached the Plough, and Fitwilliam were pushing for overlap while we passed pairs of boats shouting encouragement, every corner seeming to take epochs, and blurring into seconds in the memory.

Several shouts for power and calls of "up two" from Steph, our cox, kept us away from danger, bit by bit. Towards Ditton, Fitzwilliam were overlapping our stern once more, but we pushed them away.
Then they came back with another final push and M2 had nothing left to respond with. Just out of sight of the Reach, totally exhausted, but a near-achievable distance from the safety of the finish line, we were finally bumped by Fitzwilliam.
In the end we couldn't hold them off. But by the end of Saturday M2 had come all the way from mainly fresh recruits to an experienced machine, waiting for May Bumps.

(To be continued..)

Day 3 - Bumped by Clare II

With a fresh start to the second half of our Campaign, after Thursday off, M2 were keen to fight back "into the light". The start was well executed and the racing was done with a better sense of determination than on Wednesday.
Taking distance off Peterhouse would always be a challenge, but fighting Clare off from behind proved even more difficult. This time M2 chose to maintain concentration and power, pushing off Clare rather than caving in. They ground us down and eventually caught us, but we proved that we had the attitude to keep a cool head under pressure today.

Day 2 - Bumped by Peterhouse

Having snatched defeat from the jaws of victory on day one, M2 were ready to give everything in the race today. The sun shone for the first time in weeks and the river was running considerably slower than on Tuesday. From the moment the cannon fired M2 put down a much more technical start than seen on the first day, executing a confident stride into a steady race. In front Maudelene II had to work hard to counter the pushes from Trinity Hall and M2 moved up a little after the motorway bridge. Unfortunately, a fast Peterhouse boat were closing in behind and, despite holding them for a medium distance, a bump was conceded coming into First post corner. M2 have a day to consolidate tomorrow but will be out to turn their bumps campaign around on Friday!

Day 1 - Bumped by Magdelene II

Having fought through a bitterly cold lent term it was fitting that M2 rowed down to the start in a light sleet. The crew almost entirely made of bumps novices were keen to get started and confident that they had trained hard for all eventualities. Additionally, with Ian Watkins and Lucy Masters (THBC captains 2008/2009) as bank party M2 were confident of an experienced push off. With 20 seconds to go the boat was poled into the strong head current and a skilful final shove gave M2 the maximum reach on the chain as the cannon fired.

M2 then proceeded to execute their practiced start with 100% dedication to the drive (although perhaps only 50% dedication to technique) which saw them quickly widen the gap from Magdalene II and push onto LMBC III. M2 continued to drive and the first 1/2 length was taken from LMBC within 40 strokes. Continued commitment saw the gap shorten to 1/2 a length and further to almost overlap with LMBC. M2 seemed unstoppable until the unthinkable happened. A boat stopping crab (due to the rough water), as the name suggests, stopped the boat dead in the water. Unable to free the stuck blade quickly enough M2 were forced to concede a bump to Magdalene. The one certainty for tomorrow is that Trinity Hall will be out for vengeance.


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