Race Results

Women's VIIIs Head of the River, raced over 7 km from Mortlake to Putney.

Ladies 1st VIII

Ladies 1st VIII

114th out of 300, 4th Cambridge College out of about 15

W1 had two crew changes from the very successful bumps crew, and also a very high starting position of 94. We knew we had our work cut out with lots of other fast crews around us! We arrived at TSS in good time and chatted to Kate Grose about our race tactics - a nice long steady rhythm to Hammersmith where we would then change gear and attack it like a 2km race.

We executed the race plan well, beating some very prominent crews on the River Cam at the moment: Clare, Caius, Magdalene, Emma and Christs (!?!). We also beat some not-so-prominent crews, but you knew that already, right?

Well done for a really hard term of rowing and many excellent and well-deserved results!

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