Race Results

A 1200 metre side by side knockout on the River Great Ouse from County Bridge to the Suspension Bridge.

Ladies' 1st VIII

Heat 1 - Beat Molesey by 3 Lengths

This was the first off-Cam regatta for most of our crew, so we were pretty nervous. Getting onto the stake-boat was also scary, but Immy kept us calm focused.

Our start wasn't great, but we had the outside station so were able to push off Molesy's 2nd Novice boat. After the corner we settled nicely and pushed them away easily.

Quarter finals - Beat Dame Alice Harpur by 4 Lengths

Second race of the day. We were mentally more prepared for this race. We got to the start on time, but our opponents were having rudder problems and were running very late. We made constructive use of our time by enjoying the sunshine.

The start wasn't great again. Bow-side pulled us off course but Immy was able to get us back on track. A few questionable racing lines later we crossed the line well ahead of Dame Alice Harpur.

Semi-finals - Lost to Bedford High School by 1/3rd Length

The semi-finals. We'd had time to relax after the quarter finals, but nerves set in when our cox box died. We all knew the race plan: same as before, but if we're down, we'll execute some cheeky up-2s along the home stretch. Without a cox box this was extremely difficult! It felt heavy and scrappy. Everyone pushed as hard as they could to give Bedford High School something to worry about, but we just weren't neat enough to take advantage of our strength and fitness.

Check out the video of our race against Dame Alice, it was pretty tight in the first half!! (Thanks to Simone for finding it for us)

Ladies' 2nd VIII

Plate Quarter Finals - Rowed Over

Set to dominate in Race 2, anticipation turned to frustration as the competing Oxford crew scratched at the last minute. Rather than sitting on their laurels, W2 used the optional row-over as a race-paced practice beating its first race time by 15 seconds.

This "win" then placed them squarely in the semi-finals.

Heat 1 - Lost to Molesey easily

The Trinity Hall Women's 2 Boat quieted the critics Saturday as it fought off a four race fatigue to finish Runner's Up in the Women's VIII Plate Finals.

The W2 crew, sporting two new subs freshly off of hiatus, were beaten easily the first race by a stout Moseley Crew. However, this TH Eight had really used the 1200 meter race as a collective "first" outing together in preparation for the rest of the day.

Plate Semi Finals - Beat Worcester College by 4 Lengths

Looking ever like a champagne cork just before it explodes, the crew flew off of the stake boat in Race 3 leaving the Worcester College (Oxford) boat in its sizable wake; that Oxford hadn't a chance was a given within the first 500 meters. THBC W2 won by three lengths bettering their "row-over" time by another 15 seconds!

Plate Final - Lost to Molesey by 2 Lengths

Exhausted after what had become by now a ten hour day, the crew entered the finals with a tenacity reminiscent of Luke Skywalker's confrontation with the Emperor.

Against a second formidable Moseley Crew, the crew were four seats down after 700 meters when cox "Handy Hannah" adroitly called a power ten just as Moseley finished its own power ten. Within eight strokes W2 had pulled three seats on Moseley and was rapidly gaining ground as the less fit Oxford group began to fatigue. Unfortunately, with three hundred meters to go and the river banks awash with screams and shouts, poor W2 caught a crab the size of Scotland thus allowing Moseley to cross the finish line first and win the Plate.

Knackered but pleased, THBC W2 rose to the occasion anyway with a feeling of satisfaction knowing it had been the only THBC crew to make the finals and knowing further that it had the "right stuff" to win against the best on any given day.

Men's 1st VIII

Heat 1 - Beat St Peters College BC by 4 Lengths

A solid start to the day, the THBC men's first eight set off the staggered start behind the St Peters College Oxford and settled into a strong rhythm. Although a low rate, we were moving on the opposition, so we stayed relaxed and comfortably rowed through them at around rate 33. The final verdict was a comfortable 4 lengths in a time of 3:38

Quarter Finals - Beat HSBC RC by 1 Length

Coming into the second race of the day, we knew we had more of a challenge than the morning. The substantially larger and more scary looking HSBC crew lined up on the start, again starting ahead on the staggered line. This time we settled to a higher rate, though still relaxed and tidy rowing. Again we pushed through their initial lead and went through the finish line with a length of clear water.

Semi Finals - Lost to Abingdon School by 1 Length

The semi finals drew us against our old enemy Abingdon School, who we had come up against earlier in the year (principally at the Peterborough Head of the Nene). We knew that Abingdon would have a quick start and be well drilled, though this time we started a little ahead on the staggered start. Though our start was tidy, they came up on us over the first few strokes, to which we responded in our wind strokes with superior power. As the crews came off the corner we were level and we pushed hard under the bridge at around 37. Unfortunately Abingdon were able to rate a couple of pips higher than us and gradually pushed ahead to a half length lead which we continued to hold for most of the race. As we came to the enclosures of what we knew would be a front-loaded race, our legs began to fail and they just managed to open up clear water by the finish line.

Men's 2nd VIII

Plate 1 - Lost to Christ's College by 4 Lengths

We had to stop the first attempt at this race because of a collision further down the course. Despite the extra waiting we rowed much much better than in our first race - both times - although the superior skill and fitness of our opponents shone through in their comfortable 4 length lead by the finish.

However disappointing this was, we improved our performance considerably over the races we had, and still have much more careful investment in technique to bring together by bumps, and more than enough time to both do this and work on fitness before day one. Altogether a good test of nerves.

Heat 1 - Lost to Worcester College by 2 1/2 Lengths

A good start led into a not-so-good settle, and our rhythm for the rest of the race suffered as a result. All put in a good effort but it wasn't enough to bring us over the line first.

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