Race Results

A timed event from outside the Plough to the Penny Ferry. Feel free to skip the first 40 seconds of the video...

You can see photos of the event here.

Ladies' 2nd VIII

3rd in 5:55.7

The Trinity Hall Boatclub W2 utilized this race in a manner consistent with its pre-Mays strategies: i.e, to use the race time as an "outing", to row with a capped rating, to size up the competition for the Mays and to practice mental determination and adrenaline discipline.

The results: Excellent.

W2 finished third out of eight in its race Division (also its May Division) 2 seconds behind Queen's and 17 seconds behind Newnam. Newnam is not a THBC W2 factor in the May's and overcoming the 2 second deficit to Queen's is manageable in terms of the Bumps. Those additional race times which may be telling are: THBC W2 (Mays Division 3): 5:55.7; Queens 2 (Same Mays Division and two boats ahead in the start order): 5:55.7; FAT 2 (Mays Division 3): 6:19; Jesus 2 (Mays
Division 2): 6:08

Row Hall!

Men's 1st VIII

Men's 1st VIII

5th in a time of 4:44.7

The THBC men's first eight had a good warm up for the race, with two blistering practice starts winding to rate 42 and settling to a solid 38. Confident for the race ahead, we enjoyed the fantastic sunshine, which did its best to sap our strength.
Off the start of the race, Zoe cut a perfect line across to the first corner, coming within millimetres of hitting a metal stake and narrow boat (and nearly giving stroke a heart attack) and we wound to a more sedate rhythm than we had found in the practices. Upon settling through ditton corner, we found ourselves at a significantly slower rate than we had planned, though still sending the boat every stroke. The rate refused to come up until the end of the race, but we rowed well. It would have been nice to take an extra second off our time to come in ahead of Magdalene, but we were still pleased with our row.

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