Race Results

A 1000m 4 lane course on Saturday, followed by camping with an excellent party and 500m of racing on Sunday...

Ladies' IV+

Women's IM3 IV+, 500m - Won semi-final

After losing our novice status we were banished from entering the WNov IV+ category, but the nice people had reserved a place for us in the WIm3 category.

In the first race we only had one other crew to beat as the other had scratched. It was another clear win, securing us a place in the final.

Women's Novice IV+, 1000m - Won semi-final

We were a bit nervous heading up to the start, as we'd had little preparation.

We needn't have worried, we won by 29s, getting through to the final.

Women's IM3 IV+, 500m - 2nd in the final by a few feet

We were quite nervous rowing up to the start, and the pressure was really on.

The start was better than previous, although by no means top form. The crews in the outside lanes pulled away almost immediately, leaving us trailing in 3rd place for most of the race.

Our push for the finish was better than lane 1, and we overtook them with about 100m to go. We also gained on lane 4, but their counter push was just too good for us. We fought the whole way to the line, and crossed just one second behind the winners.

It's great to know we deserve our Im3 status - who knows what we could have done if we'd trained...

Ladies' IV+

Women's Novice IV+, 1000m - Won final by a canvas!

We were more confident this time around, but judging from the fast times posted by the crews from the other rounds, we knew we would have to struggle.

The start was a little scrappy, owing no doubt to the gale force winds and looming thunderstorm (lightning struck several times during our race and led to the delay of all racing following us, yikes). However, our power ten coming out of the start sequence really got us together. All the crews were fairly even through the first half of the race. Through the 500m mark, the crew to our right pulled away from us. We responded to each of their pushes with a counter push, and stayed fairly level with them. We were still down coming through into the last 250m. It seemed we were the fitter crew as our opposition wilted under the pressure, and we won by a canvas.

Well done ladies on finally losing our novice status! It's been a very long time coming.

"We can climb out of hell. One inch at a time ... On this team, we fight for that inch. On this team we tear ourselves and everyone else around us to pieces for that inch. We claw with our fingernails for that inch. Because we know when we add up all those inches, that's what gonna make the fucking difference between winning and losing. Between living and dying"

Wise words indeed.

Men's IIx

Novice IIx, 500m - Lost in first round

Men's IV+ (A)

IM2 IV+, 1000m - 2nd in first heat

IM2 IV+, 500m - Won first round

Men's IV+ (A)

IM2 IV+, 500m - Lost semi-final

Men's IV+ (A)

IM3 IV+, 1000m - lost repercharge

Men's IV+ (B)

Men's IV+ (B)

Novice IV+, 1000m - Won semi-final

IM3 IV+, 500m - Lost first round

Men's IV+ (B)

Novice IV+, 1000m - Won Final!

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