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Crews without a place on the river are required to race the 'Getting on Race' in order to qualify for bumps. The race is about 2k from the little bridge to the post downstream of the railway bridge.

Womens 2nd VIII


One should be hesitant to display one's thoughts when one has a vested interest in the outcome of an endeavor influenced by one's actions. Thus, one might be a bit reticent to extol the Virtues & Vices associated with the THFWBCGoRW2 Entry last Friday if one's actions had indeed some affect upon the whole affair. In such a matter, it is wise for the writer to simply state the facts - absent emotion and prejudice - in an effort to allow the reader to create in the mind's eye a mental image of the stated event. Based upon years of research, however, this approach seems favorably accepted only by the scientific community; that the artistic and "humanities" community otherwise favour a flare for colourful dialogue (in spite of potential factual misgivings) remains true. Of course it is axiomatic that it is simply impossible for one to please all. Hence, one has no choice but to either stick to the facts or attempt the impossible.

Having foolishly taken a tonic before bed, therefor sleepless and agitated, one now finds oneself in a position to attempt the impossible, to wit:

The THFWBC W2 entry arrived at the TH Boathouse at 13:30 on 25 February in preparation for a 15:00 race start.
(W2 got to the boathouse Friday where stroke Charlotte Hill, "race-face" on and pumped, immediately got into everyone's kitchen demanding a ruthless performance from each member of the crew.)

The crew got into the boat in normal fashion, warming up as it paddled downstream.
(Jayne Birkby, seven seat, commanded the crew on penalty of death to a unison of catches.)

After a rather long wait, the crew paddled into start position.
(Screaming bloody hell the crew was forced to wait 45 minutes in blistering cold and pissing rain while a bozo barge took its jolly old time coming downstream.)

At the start, the crew utilized a 1/2,1/2, 3/4, full, cadence.
(The gang was off like a shot, sparks flying from each and every crew member as they fought a 40 (!) rating.)

There was some unpleasantness early on.
(Three seat caught a Master Banger Crab just before the start launching the entire Eight towards Romania.)

The unpleasantness was quickly resolved and the starting line was crossed without incident.
(The coach, foaming at the mouth, stopped the crew, bellowed a re-start and off they flew - the rowing gods having granted the gang a second chance.)

Long and strong strokes were seen throughout the race.
(Bloody hell!!!!! The crew stroked a 34 the entire race with several beautifully executed "Power-10s!" The feeling was like having bought Microsoft at 2 1/2.)

The crew had had little training.
(Blimey! It was their first time together as a full crew!!!!!!!!!)

They finished the course strong.
(W2 blasted through the finish like the Millenium Falcon exiting the Death star!)

The race was, in the end, victorious for the rowers.
(W2 nailed the race and "Got On!")

W2 will race again in the Lents this coming Tuesday.
(The Wondrous Women of Trinity Hall smell blood and shall take no prisoners in its attempt to get Blades at the Lents.)

The End.
(Stay Tuned.)

Men's 3rd VIII


The Story of M3
[Sung to the theme from "The Beverly Hillbillies"]
Editors note: Or from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air...

Come and listen to the story 'bout the crew "M3"
Nine stout lads with a different Destiny
They traveled to the Cambridge from the many lands beyond
To occupy their time with a race called "Getting On."

Well the first thing ya know they raced a bit before
A little tiny race called "Pembroke" - what a bore
They caught so many crabs that you'd think they'd turn it in!
Instead they got together and decided they would win.

Lents that is......College Gold.......TH Treasure

So they daily made some time to get into the tub
Where they squared and they catched and they didn't think of pubs
And after all that work (and going to the loo)
Lo and behold came a wonderful crew

But others on the Cam had done alot of work
They'd squared and they'd catched and even gone berserk
Cause 28 crews were set to get it on
In a race after which 21 would be gone

At the start the M3 were rockets on a sled
With seven and the stroke truly set to get ahead
The bow and the two also hastened to come through
As the rest rowed in time and the Aula just flew

We waited and we waited and we waited and we waited
For the times and the winners on the web to so be stated
And finally after midnight did the CUCBC
Proclaim that the winners included our M3

So now we are on for the Lents as we had planned
With a crew full of eight two of which are known as "Dan"
Its a story with an ending that was for the TV made
As the M3 now is focused on the goal of getting Blades!

The End.

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