Race Results

Men's 1st IV+

M1 wins NOV 4+ in 17:16

It was an early start for M1 to catch the 6:30am train to Huntingdon. After navigating the public transport system we arrived ready for the first race of the season.

Off the start M1 pushed hard, quickly coming up to race pace under the firm hand of cox Alisha Gergett. Hitting a powerful rhythm the crew pushed off M2 (who were chasing us) and passed the double scull in front. The first (very tight) corners caused the crew's rate to drop but they were still able to overtake another double about halfway down the course.

Still in a series of tight corners, M1 were pulling up on a third double. They failed to concede the racing line and the crew were forced to go wide. They didn't quite make the corner and collided with the bank. After pushing off the bank the crew reset with a 'Peter Haining 20' (called by Chris Myatt) and got straight back up to their original racing rhythm.

Coming on to the final straight we begin the sprint for the line, knowing we needed to give everything if we were to win the race. Crossing the line the crew were going flat-out and we knew the whole crew had done everything they could to win.

The results were published and showed a convincing win for M1, meaning the crew got to take home their first ever pots!

This was a strong start to the year and proves that the crew has been training hard. If they keep it up then the Club can surely look forward to success in the coming races.

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