Word From The Captain

Welcome to the THBC of 2011/12. This is a year for going up. We aim to do even better than last year, which is saying something, and most certainly have the potential to make some heads turn this Michaelmas.

Firstly, I would like to thank Bronagh and Ben for their excellent work last year. It was not by chance that we came an outstanding 3rd in the Michell Cup, and if I had a glass on me now I would raise it to them.

Michaelmas is always going to be a transitional phase for such a small club as ours. Every year we see a great turn over with surprisingly little continuity. For this reason, University IV's were a slight disappointment for the seniors, although credit must go to W2 who narrowly missed out on a place in the final of the 2nd Division by a seat and some spurious coxing by the opposition, and to M2 who won two races, but sadly lost in their 2nd Division final to Downing.

Lastly, I believe a mention is owing to the fabulous novices we have this year. The strength and enthusiasm in this new bunch of fresh young rowers is second to none, as is the healthy air of competition constantly surrounding them. The women are certainly pushing on well to challenge the seniors and vie for a place in the first boat. I urge you all to keep this attitude going, and encourage more around you to do the same. If we keep it like this we will be indomitable come Lents, and who knows, that Michell Cup may even have our name on it this year.

I look forward to seeing the shocked faces of the competition when we sweep the floor in the novice races and in Fairbairns.

Row Hall!


Alice Archer - THBC Women's Captain 2011/12