Word From The Captain

Michaelmas 2011 was another promising term for the club. The novices in particular were very successful – in Fairbairns,NW1 finished 2nd overall and NM2 finished 2nd in their division, as well as winning Emma Sprints earlier in term.

But the most praise must go to NW2, who won their division of Fairbairns as well as Queens Ergs and Emma Sprints. Everyone put a lot of effort into the novice term, not least the crews themselves, and the results are well-deserved.

On the senior side of things, the men entered two senior VIIIs into Fairbairns for the first time for many years, which bodes well for the bumps campaigns coming up. The women had few senior rowers so spent the term rowing as a squad. This has helped develop the novices and less experienced rowers, which will pay dividends this term.

We are already back on the water for our pre-term training weeks – the men are training at Earith and the women on the Cam. We know we’ve got a long way to go before bumps, but if we make every session count between now and then, we will have another successful year like the last.
Row Hall!


Michael Carson - THBC Captain 2011/12