Word From The Captain

Easter term has been a mixed time for THBC. W1 managed to go some way to turning around the fortunes of Lent term and held their position on the river in the Mays. M1 were unfortunately unable to do the same, falling four places.

The stark numbers of the Clubís performance fail to tell the whole story, however. Members of the Club showed a great determination during the races and gave everything when they went off the start each night. The challenge for the Club going forward is to take that determination and turn it into successful results: I believe that the rowers and coxes of THBC have what it takes to meet this challenge. The lessons of the past year will have to be learnt, but the Club must now put that behind us and come back next year in the knowledge that with enough hard work and commitment we can be successful. People have already started training ahead of next year and both the Menís and Womenís sides of the Club are planning to race in summer regattas, so we should be in a strong position at the start of the next season.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the coaches who have helped THBC over the last year. They make an outstanding and vital contribution to the Club. I would also like to thank Michael Carson and Alice Archer, our retiring captains, for their commitment to the Club this year.

Finally, I would like to wish one particular THBC Heavy good luck: we all wish Tom James every success in the 2012 Olympics.

Row Hall!

Sam Hardy - THBC Captain 2012/13