Word From The Captain

The Club has used Michaelmas term to build towards the Bumps. In this respect the term has been well-used and successful.
An important part of this term is always the training and recruitment of novices. Tom James, fresh from Olympic success, was kind enough to come to talk to the Club and those interested in novicing. Undoubtedly this association with the glory of the summer helped our recruitment, as well as inspiring some of the more experienced members of THBC. The Lower Boatsí Captains have done an excellent job of both coaching the novices and ensuring that they enjoyed themselves. A good number of novices are planning to continue and I am sure they will have an excellent first experience of the Bumps.
Among the senior rowers and coxes, there has been a focus on training in fours, both before and after University Fours. Unfortunately, W1 were not able to compete at full strength in the Fairbairn Cup. However, they have otherwise had a good term and, with some strong rowers returning to the crew they are aiming for a successful Lent term.
Once again, the menís side of the Club fielded two senior eights in Michaelmas. The 2nd VIII made sure people kept training, getting fitter and improving their technique. They acquitted themselves well in the Fairbairn Cup (the only race they entered). The 1st VIII trained and competed mainly in fours. This allowed some healthy competition within the squad as rowers and coxes tried to win a seat in the 1st IV+. As well as reaching the semi-finals of University Fours, the crew also won their category at Huntingdon Head of the River. With more than eight rowers looking to row in the 1st VIII next term, we can look forward to a similar level of competition for places and, hopefully, a similar level of success.
The Club is fortunate in enjoying the support of many of its alumni. I would like to thank all the Heavies for their support of the Club, as well as thanking all the coaches who help THBC.
Row Hall!

Sam Hardy - THBC Captain 2012/13