Word From The Captain

Dear friends of THBC,

As we approach the culmination of the rowing year I would like to take this opportunity to update you on the clubís progress this year and encourage you to come and support the Hall crews in the Mays.

It has been a very mixed year for THBC. From the start of Michaelmas, with the loss of many of last yearís rowers from both the menís and womenís clubs, it was clear that the term would be a tricky one but that a good novice intake would be crucial for this yearís success. Wonderfully committed lower boats captains Iain Rist and Stephanie Jacquot rose to this challenge and put in a lot of hard work over the term to bring our two menís and two womenís novice boats up to a good level. A number of the novice women further did themselves and the club proud by simultaneously rowing in their novice boat and the first women for the latter half of term, allowing the limited senior womenís squad to enter an VIII for the termís races. The men entered two boats into University IVs; with the 2nd IV achieving a first round win against LMBC 2. The 1st IV unfortunately faced First and Third in their first round, who went on to win the whole competition. All the novice and senior boats raced in Fairbairns and a number of other races throughout the term.

The beginning of Lent term saw the resignation of overall captain Fergal McCool, with myself then taking up the overall captaincy and Phil Maltas stepping up to menís captain. We had a rather higher percentage of novices continuing through to senior boats than in recent years, a definite bonus for the future. The initial hard work and enthusiasm from the pre-term training week continued throughout the term despite the early mornings and often cold and uninviting conditions, and two menís and two womenís crews raced in the Lent bumps. While the results may not have exactly been the most success the Hall has ever had on the river, they mask the great amount of hard work and determination shown by very committed but inexperienced 1st boats, and the huge improvements throughout the term by the enthusiastic 2nd boats in the face of any adversity. Three Trinity Hall rowers also earned places in their respective blue boats for the boat races Ė Colin Scott, Elselijn Kingma, and Stephanie Jacquot Ė an outstanding achievement from such a small college as ours.

This term has seen the return of some more experienced rowers to both sides of the club, improving the quality of the 1st boats and giving a greater depth which has been reflected in the ability of the club to enter three menís and three womenís boats for the Mays. Mindful of last termís results, all crews went out hard from the very start of training with the sole aim of reversing the trends of the Lents. We have continued this momentum throughout term, and made good use of many experienced coaches for all out boats. I am confident in saying that every single Hall rower and cox has made great improvements this term, with the obvious result that the crews as a whole have gone from strength to strength. The upcoming Mays are particularly exciting for the 1st Men, who start 4th on the river, within reach of headship, having gone up three places last year. The 1st women are starting 8th, looking to bump our old rivals First and Third on day one. It looks to be an exciting week for all our crews, with each having prospects to do well from their respective starting positions.

I very much hope you will be able to come and lend us your support on the river next week. Having been unable to secure the land for the marquee on Saturday 14th, I would like to invite you to a morning tea at the boathouse from 11am to midday for alumni and friends of the club. This will act as a base for gathering supporters such that groups can head down the river to watching the racing together.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued interest in the club, and to introduce you to next yearís captains. Ian Watkins will be taking up the position of overall captain, with Lucy Masters as womenís captain. I am sure they will do a great job, and wish them the best of luck next year.

Janet Scott - THBC Captain 2007/08