Word From The Captain

THBC had four boats on the river for the Lent Bumps: both the men and the women entered two boats. An M3 also trained, but did not get on.

W2 had trouble getting a crew together, but the dedication of everyone who joined the crew never wavered. By getting together a crew they will hopefully have done enough to retain their place on the river. They will benefit from returning rowers in the Mays to ensure that they have a consistent crew throughout the term, which will greatly improve their chances. W1 are still suffering from the departure of many senior rowers at the end of last year. However, the novices who have joined the crew learned quickly. They did well to avoid going down 4 with such an inexperienced crew.

Going into the Bumps M2 were looking strong. They displayed this on the first day when they got their bump before Grassy Corner. On the second day their rudder cable snapped early in the race. Unable to take the corners they were quickly bumped. Their confidence never really recovered from this. On the third day they failed to get a row over after the crews in front bumped out, lacking the confidence needed to carry on rowing hard with nothing to chase. In a stronger performance they rowed over on the final day. M1 improved greatly throughout the week. On the first night they rowed well below their potential and were bumped. The second night was much more promising until the very end of the race. At that stage their rhythm was disrupted as the chasing crew closed and they were bumped just a few strokes from the finish. Learning from these experiences, M1 rowed much better on the final two nights and held off the chasing crews (including a strong crew chasing blades on the last night), as well as closing on the crew which they were chasing.

THBC relies on its supporters, whether alumni or friends of the Club. I would like to thank those who have supported the Club this term: your continued support is essential if THBC is to be successful.

Looking ahead to next term, the first boats are planning to enter several external races to give themselves valuable experience against strong crews. It currently looks like there will be fierce competition for places in those crews and this means that we can look forward to stronger crews being fielded next term. If they can build on the work done in Michaelmas and
Lent then they can look forward to a successful campaign in the Mays.

Finally, I would like to commend Helena Schofield for her hard work as President of CUWBC and wish Rowan Lawson good luck as he competes against Oxford on Sunday.

Row Hall!

Sam Hardy - THBC Captain 2012/13