Word From The Captain

THBC saw an influx of keen novices this term – fortunate since many of our senior rowers graduated after the Mays. We had two novice women’s crews, two men’s crews and an amalgamated novice men-M2 boat which went out this term, as well as the senior men and women.
Both sides performed impressively in the novice races, with one men’s crew winning Queens’ Ergs. NW1 reached the final of Clare novices and the quarters of Emma Sprints, while NW2 also showed great skill, winning some heats and all the novices showed incredible tenacity in the brutal weather conditions of Novice Fairbairns – despite gale-force winds, cold and the odd shower, as well as severe delays in the running time of the women’s divisions, all the crews powered through.
Both sides put forward crews for the University Fours Regatta in October, taking advantage of the fours work to improve technique for work in eights. 2013 saw the first year that the women’s regatta was run on the same course and in the same format as the men’s, essentially to time, the opposing crews placed 120m apart, THBC W1 starting from Little Bridge. Despite bow’s seat coming off the slide off the start, we achieved a good time, placing us in the middle of the pack compared with other clubs’ results – it was just unfortunate that the proverbial luck of the draw saw us pitted against Clare, current holders of headship in the Mays, in the first heat. The men put forward a scratch crew to get race experience and enjoyed themselves thoroughly.
When it came to returning to VIIIs work, the senior women had a few crew members returning after a break, others having only started in the last Mays and others who had rowed throughout their time at Trinity Hall. The enthusiasm shown by the crew, both in training and in their performance in Senior Fairbairns, bodes well for the Lents. The senior men saw a mixture of old and new faces, with a couple of new experienced rowers joining the old hands of last year. The men’s performance in Senior Fairbairns was impressive to say the least; not only did they finish a thoroughly respectable 9th, they also rather gratifyingly managed to overtake the crew in front, Girton M1 – obviously in preparation for bumping up in the Lents.
I would like to thank the LBCs in particular for their hard work in coaching, organising and motivating the novice boats; I’m pleased to say that thus far it seems that a large number of this term’s novices will be staying on and rowing next term. At the start of Michaelmas, I told my committee that this term was to be a building term; now I feel that the groundwork has been laid for what could be a very successful performance in the Lent Bumps. I wish all our rowers the best of luck for next term – row hard!
We’re always looking for people who are keen to start rowing, whatever the time of year, so if you’re interested for rowing for THBC do let me or Mark know.

Row Hall!

Livi Carrington
Captain, Trinity Hall Boat Club

Livi Carrington, THBC Captain 2013/14