Word From The Captain

With the Easter Term now fully underway, there is a definite air of hopefulness blowing though the boat house. Training began early with a rowing week before term started which involved both first and second boat rowers. This has meant we were able to get a good head-start on training. After a tricky and occasionally very frustrating Lent Bumps, we hope to improve our performance in the Mays.

Last term, due to tighter restrictions on the river, CUCBC changed the rules which meant that our Second and Third Boats had to compete in the Getting-on-Race. Sadly they were not successful in their efforts but I am very glad to say that that has not held them back and they returned to training in March with renewed devotion.

The men’s First VIII was unlucky with a few odd technical difficulties holding them back from making their bumps in the competition. Taking a difficult line round Ditton on the third day, the boat suffered somewhat and despite Martin’s tireless efforts to make repairs, victory on the fourth day was not forthcoming.

From my seat in the women’s First VIII I could see that they were entirely engaged with the matter at hand. Although this was the first Bumps race for over half the boat, I felt we showed great determination. Having started the week a little shakily, performance improved hugely over the days’ competition. After a solid row-over on the Friday, we were psyched up to make a Bump on the Saturday. There was a fantastic sense of team spirit and not only competitiveness but also a real feeling of the fact that everybody was about to set out to do something that they really loved and cared about. Although our quarry bumped out ahead of us on the Plough Reach, Girton continued to press us from behind. After a nail-biting burst of speed up the Long Reach, they closed on us no more than a couple of lengths from the Railway Bridge.

Although THBC was unlucky in the last set of Bumps, I still came away with a tremendous feeling of pride in what the rowers, as individuals and in their crews, had put into what they did. Bumps is a difficult game of a binary; you go up or down. But this doesn’t mean that the determination, the hours of training, the real love of a sport aren’t there, and I felt all these things even as we rowed home from the last day of racing. It’s this which I hope and believe should be able to drive us forward into the Mays and with a bit of luck, up the divisions!

Row Hall!

Livi Carrington, THBC Captain 2013/14