Word From The Captain

THBC has a busy couple of months. Lent Bumps ran for 5 days from 22nd – 27th February and we had 5 crews racing, after W2 and M3 successfully raced the Getting on Race. M1 had a successful campaign, going up 2 places to secure a place in the 1st division. W1 bumped Magdalene to get back into the 1st Division but were very unluckily bumped on the last day by Lucy Cav/Hughes Hall W1, a blades crew. Hopefully next year they can secure that place. M2 suffered from injury and illness so had to enlist the help of some subs, meaning they weren't quite as successful as they had hoped, but still had three strong row-overs, getting close to the over-bump on Day 2. M3 got spoons but they remain incredibly enthusiastic and on the last day, they “learnt how to actually row” (their words, not mine!) so let’s hope they have better luck in the Mays. W2 also did very well, narrowly missing out on blades after missing a bump on Day 4 due to an unfortunate crab. These are the best results for Lents in a number of years and I hope we can carry this momentum through to the Mays and see all of the crews making their way back up the table.

After Bumps, work didn't stop for the 1st crews. W1 were entered for WeHoRR on the 5th March but unfortunately had to scratch due to illness. M1 raced HoRR and finished 149th after moving up 87 places (from a very low starting position!) and placing 7th out of the 20 Cambridge crews, just behind Lady Margaret, Pembroke, Clare, Downing, Jesus and FaT. This was the first time on the Tideway for most of our rowers so I think it was a good first attempt!

Lucy Pike, who noviced with THBC and rowed in W1 last, rowed in the Blondie crew against Osiris on Sunday 27th March and won! She will be joining W1 this term in their May Bumps Campaign.

We have had a great term of rowing so far. Our 1st Men's and Women's crews spent Rowing Week up in Derbyshire while the rest of the crews trained on the Cam to get a head start on the term's rowing. We have 8 crews this term, including a W4 of complete novices. It is really great to have so many people interested in getting involved with the club. We hope to have 7 crews entered into Bumps as well as a social "Beer Boat" competing.
Mays Bumps will run from Wednesday 8th to Saturday 11th June – it would be great to see lots of you on the bank, at our event during the day on the Saturday at The Plough or at Boat Club Dinner in the evening.

Row Hall!

Lizzie Gaunt - THBC Captain 2015/16