Word From The Captain

This Lent term has been a successful one for the THBC. All our crews have made great progress and the club has produced some impressive results. Highlights of the term included M1 winning blades in the Lents for the first time since the early 1990s and W1 also reversing the decline of recent years by going up two. Both first boats also produced good performances at their respective head of the river races, the men finishing 161st (4th College) in the HORR and the women 128th (6th College) in WeHORR. There was also success for the THBC in the Henley Boat races, with Iain Rist rowing at 7 in the winning CULRC crew.
The term ahead looks very promising for the club if we keep up the progress we've been making this year, both in terms of fitness and the technical ability of our crews. The May Bumps run from June 10th to 13th 2009. I look forward to seeing lots of THBC crews racing and plenty of black and white support on the towpath.
You can download a brief leaflet describing our involvement in the May Bumps here. The division times can be found on the CUCBC website here
Row Hall!

Ian Watkins - THBC Captain 2008/09